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Application for Club Affiliation & Public Liability Insurance Cover

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Fact Sheet 1
How To Choose a Cage For Your Pet Bird
Fact Sheet 01a
Keeping Birds as Pets - Budgerigars
Fact Sheet 01b
Keeping Birds as Pets - Parrots
Fact Sheet 02
Fact Sheet 03
Aviary Sizes
Fact Sheet 05a
Show Cage Size - Budgerigars
Fact Sheet 05b
Show Cage Size - Zebra Finches
Fact Sheet 05c
Show Cage Size - British Birds
Fact Sheet 05d
Show Cage Size - Lovebirds
Fact Sheet 05e
Show Cage Size - Gloster Canaries
Fact Sheet 05f
Show Cage Size - Yorkshire Canaries
Fact Sheet 05g
Show Cage Size - Parrots
Fact Sheet 05h
Show Cage Size - Bengalese
Fact Sheet 05i
Show Cage Size - Roller Canaries
Fact Sheet 05j
Show Cage Size - Budgerigar Tean Cage
Fact Sheet 05k
Show Cage Size - Foreign Birds
Fact Sheet 05l
Show Cage Size - Australian Finches
Fact Sheet 05m
Show Cage Size - Java Sparrows
Fact Sheet 06
Breeding Cages
Fact Sheet 07
Ring Sizes & How To Ring A Bird
Fact Sheet 08
Competitive Exhibition & Shows
Fact Sheet 09
Bird Sales
Fact Sheet 10
Illness & Disease
Fact Sheet 11
Fact Sheet 15
Showing Birds
Fact Sheet 15a
Preparing Roller Canaries for Contests
Fact Sheet 16
Breeding Birds - Record Keeping
Fact Sheet 16a
Breeding Birds - Budgerigars
Fact Sheet 16b
Breeding Birds - Zebra Finches
Fact Sheet 16c
Breeding Birds - Bengalese
Fact Sheet 16d
Breeding Birds - Contest Roller Canaries
Fact Sheet 16e
Breeding Birds - Australian Finches
Fact Sheet 17
General Management Of Your Birds
Fact Sheet 18
Plants For The Aviary
Fact Sheet 19
Exhibition Standards - Lovebirds
Fact Sheet 20
Permanent Identification of Birds
Fact Sheet 22
Exhibiting Cockatiels
Fact Sheet 23
Fact Sheet 24
Old World Flycatchers
Fact Sheet 25
Fact Sheet 26
Barbets - The Ugly Ducklings of the Bird World
Fact Sheet 27
Fact Sheet 28
Psephotus Parakeets
Fact Sheet 29
Polytelis Parakeets
Fact Sheet 30
Fact Sheet 31
Australian Ringnecks
Fact Sheet 32
Fact Sheet 33
African Grey Parrots as Pets

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