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Application for Club Affiliation & Public Liability Insurance Cover

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by Ghalib Al-Nasser, Secretary

Representatives from the International Ornithological Association (IOA) and the National Council for Aviculture (NCA) met on 14th May to launch the COM – UK Federation with the objective of representing the United Kingdom breeders and clubs in COM – Confederation Ornithologique Mondiale, applying its rules and regulations, and promoting its activities in the United Kingdom and abroad.

The Constitution was approved and the following officers were elected; Richard Lumley (president), Chris Smith & Simon Tammam (vice presidents), Ghalib Al-Nasser (secretary), Brian Preddy (treasurer) and Gary Mann & Andrew Triolo (committee members). Other non Executive posts were also filled and they are as follows: Blanche Preddy (sponsorship advisor), Ghalib Al-Nasser (publicity & webmaster); Grant Findlay (auditor); Gary Mann (World Show Co-ordinator); Gary Mann & Richard Lumley (World Show Conveyors); Simon Tammam (COM-UK OMJ Coordinator), Ghalib Al-Nasser & Simon Tammam COM-UK Technical Committee, Andrew Triolo (Art Co-ordinator).

All current COM-OMJ judges who are on the listing of either IOA or NCA will now be transferred to the new Federation COM – UK listing and all future communications and renewal of judges’ fees are to be conducted through the COM-UK secretary. Judges who would like to elevate themselves to become COM-OMJ judges will need to apply to the secretary by 30th May for their names to be put forward to COM-OMJ so that they can sit written & practical tests. Aspiring judges will need to acquaint themselves with judging on the continental points system. It was also agreed to set the COM-UK judges’ criteria as follows:

  1. Must be a national judge for a minimum of five years and competent in the section that he/she is applying for.

  2. Needs to be familiar with the COM-OMJ points system of judging.

  3. Applicants wishing to take the OMJ test must apply in writing to COM-UK secretary by 31st May and be approved by COM-UK Technical Committee before the application is sent to COM-OMJ.

Fanciers who wish to exhibit at the World show or any other COM International show must have their birds closed rung with recognised rings with the actual exhibitor’s code on it. Currently birds rung with rings purchased through the AFS, BS, BBC, CCBA, IOA, LCA, NBFA & ZFS are acceptable by COM-UK and COM.

COM operates a 6-year ring colour cycle and all birds shown at the World and international shows will have to adhere to that colour sequence which is: 2011 dark blue, 2012 red, 2013 black, 2014 pastel green, 2015 violet and 2016 orange.

It is hoped that a website for the new Federation will be launched next month and any sponsorship donations will need to be made to COM-UK and sent to the secretary.

The next COM World Show will be held in Almeria, Southern Spain with the show open to the public from 20th – 22nd January 2012. It is hoped that with the new Federation of COM-UK there will be more birds taken to future World Shows.

For all other information please contact the secretary Ghalib Al-Nasser at Evenstar, Pinkuah Lane, Pentlow, Sudbury CO10 7JW, telephone 01787 282332 or email at

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 NCA Privacy Policy

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