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2017 Minutes of the National Council for Aviculture Annual General Meeting

2016 Minutes of the National Council for Aviculture Annual General Meeting

2015 Minutes of the National Council for Aviculture Annual General Meeting

2014 Minutes of the National Council for Aviculture Annual General Meeting

2013 Minutes of the National Council for Aviculture Annual General Meeting

2012 Minutes of the National Council for Aviculture Annual General Meeting


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Chris Smith (NCA Chairman), Bev Hutt (new NCA President) & Brian Hogg (Immediate Past President)

Brian Hogg the new NCA President with Bob Partridge the outgoing President 2016

Bob Partridge the new NCA President with Dennis Webster the outgoing President 2015

Dennis Webster the new NCA President with Roger Carr the outgoing President 2014

Roger Carr the new NCA President with Barry Mills the outgoing President 2013

Barry Mills the new President with Denis Glasby outgoing President 2012

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Minutes of the National Council for Aviculture AGM
held on Saturday 2nd April 2011
at The Charnwood Arms Hotel, Coalville, at 10.30 am.


1        Chairman’s welcome – the chairman Dennis Webster welcomed delegates and guests to the meeting.

2        Present:           D. Webster (FBF), D. Whittaker (B.S.), A. Woan (B.S.), G. Grist (B.S.),

G. Al-Nasser (B.S.), Mr and Mrs D. Norton (President & Leics. SA), D. Paine (FBF), D. Glasby, A. Triolo (C.C.), C. Smith (C.C.).

Apologies:               B. Hogg, T. Salt, B. Mills, and Mrs D. Smith.

3        Minutes of the AGM 26 June 2010 – agreed as a true record.

Proposed G. Grist and seconded D. Norton.

4        Matters arising – none

      Chairman’s report – the Chairman tabled his report for everyone to read (copy attached to the minutes) but briefly summarised the main issues. He was standing down this year after three years. The relationship with the IOA still needs to be addressed; we met with COM in Tours in France in January and reached agreement in principle with the IOA, subject to ratification at their AGM in mid April.

The World Show had been a success, a team of 37 birds entered, 3 medals won but with some birds stolen, particularly the budgie gold medal winner.

NCA Constitution is on the agenda with some modifications for your agreement.

The Insurance scheme remains popular, with public liability now 5m.

NCA Roll of Honour certificates to be sent to Rueben Girling and Barry Mills, sadly two members have passed away this year, Bill Taylor and Alan Dunford, who now have been put into the Hall of Fame.

 SUN meetings have proved fruitful with DEFRA lifting the “28 day rule” on overseas exhibits.

 Finally he thanked all members of the management committee, particularly Dave Whittaker as secretary, for all their support, and hopefully the constitution and the IOA will be sorted out shortly.

6        Treasurer’s report – balance sheet tabled and accepted, proposed G. Al-Nasser and seconded D. Paine.

There had been a slight loss on the year, with some capital outlay on things like the new stand which will not occur again for a while but the NCA needs to look at sources of income for coming years.

7        Secretary’s report - tabled for everyone to read and attached to these minutes. He reflected much of it had already been said and he wished the incoming secretary success for the future.

A vote of thanks was proposed for the outgoing Chairman and the Secretary.

8        Inauguration of President

Mr Denis Glasby was inaugurated as President of the National Council for Aviculture. Denis thanked all members present for the honour bestowed upon him. He attended his first NCA meeting in Blackfriars, London many years ago and served on the executive committee for many years.

It was suggested that the Management Committee may wish to consider purchasing a Presidential Chain of Office.

9        To appoint Honorary Life Presidents

Brian Hughes, Dennis Norton and Charles Woolley, proposed D. Whittaker and seconded G. Al-Nasser.

10    To receive the names of the Management Committee

FBF-  D. Webster, D. Paine, P. Collins and AN Other

BS  - G. Al-Nasser, G. Grist, A. Woan and AN Other

CC -  A. Triolo, B. Hogg, T. Salt, D. Allen, L. Thompson

Secretary to approach the British Bird Council to consider re-joining this year.

11    Election of Auditors – Grant Findlay proposed and the meeting agreed.

12    To determine the rates of subscription:-

As proposed for (2012) within the revised constitution:-

                        Ring Members                                                   5.00

                        CBS                                                                  20.00

                        Parent Body (up to 500 members)                     50.00

                        Parent Body (501 to 1000members)                  100.00

                        Parent Body (over 1000 members)                    200.00


The meeting did not agree the proposal for CBS with insurance 50.00 rate due to the annual fluctuations of insurance premiums.

13    To consider any matter referred to the AGM by the Management Committee.

i)        To approve the constitution with amendments shown in italics.

The Chairman thanked Roger Carr for carrying out much of the work on the constitution and suggested that acceptance of the constitution in its entirety be considered. The meeting agreed, proposed by A. Triolo and seconded by G. Grist.

14    To consider any other relevant business notified to the Secretary at least 14 days prior to the meeting.

i)        Election of President Elect.

D. Whittaker proposed Barry Mills, seconded A. Triolo and the meeting agreed unanimously.

The Chairman thanked Dennis Norton for all his years of service to the fancy and the NCA and especially for his last three years as President.

15    AGM date and venue for 2012 – 31 March at 10.30 am at Charnwood Arms Hotel.

Meeting closed at 11.30 am.


This is my third and final report to you as Chair of the NCA; I shall stand down after this meeting.

The NCA Management Committee has met 4 times since the last AGM in June 2010, and summaries from these meetings are available on the NCA website. In addition some MC members have been involved in meetings as representatives of the NCA.

In my first two reports I alluded to our efforts to try to work with the IOA, in particular in the context of the coming together of the two groups to form COM-UK following the meeting of representatives of both organisations with senior COM officials at the Portugal 2010 World Show (January 2010). This has proceeded very slowly. An IOA-NCA meeting to discuss forming a Federation was held in August 2010, but no positive conclusions were arrived at. However by the end of 2010 the IOA view of the idea became much more positive, and at a further joint meeting with COM at the 2011 World Show at Tours, France, we were able to report to COM that in principle both parties agreed to form COM-UK, subject to ratification by the IOA AGM and agreement on the Constitution.

As a result of the NCA becoming a COM member in 2010, a small team of 37 birds from the NCA member organisations were exhibited at the 2011 World Show, resulting in a creditable 3 medals including one gold medal. It is hoped that for the 2012 show in Almeria, Spain, a much larger contingent of exhibits from the NCA will result.

At this years AGM the Management Committee have put forward a number of modifications to the NCA Constitution, including a Disciplinary procedure. It is also proposed that the parent organisations pay a subscription related to their membership numbers, and a new grade of membership – ring membership – has been introduced.

The NCA insurance scheme remains very popular, and represents an even better deal now because the sum insured under this scheme has been increased to five million pounds. Such insurance is increasingly being demanded by organisations responsible for the letting of premises used for show halls etc.

Two more people have been placed on the NCA Roll of Honour for services to birkeeping during the year, Reuben Girling, long time co-ordinator of the Foreign Bird Federation Breeding Register, and Barry Mills, who has given many years of service to the canary fancy, the Canary Council, and the NCA. Sadly I have to report that two fanciers formerly on the Roll of Honour, Bill Taylor of the ZFS and Alan Dunford of the NFBA and ZFS, both died during the year and have been put into the Hall of Fame. A new certificate for the Roll of Honour is being designed and will be available later this year.

Chris Smith has been our representative on the Sustainable Users Network (SUN), and through that has been able to establish that the “28 day rule” whereby birds from outside the UK need to be in the Country for 28 days prior to participating in a “bird event” (show, sales day etc) has been repealed. Membership of SUN gives us an introduction into relevant discussions with DEFRA, and extracts from the minutes of some of the meetings can be found on the NCA website. A new target will be the “72 hour rule” pertaining to the time birds can be kept in show cages.

Finally I would like to thank all the members of the Management Committee – especially Dave Whittaker as Secretary - who have supported me and the NCA, not just over the past year, but throughout my three years as Chairman. I am sure that my successor will be equally well supported, and I would like to wish him well.

Secretary’s Annual Report

Since the AGM in 2010 the NCA has held 4 Management Committee meetings where they continued to look at all aspects associated with aviculture both in the UK and Europe. The Public Liability Insurance package is still very well received with 78 clubs taking up the offer, plus 36 Clubs who have affiliated. The following is a brief summary of items discussed during the past 12 months.

Meeting 26 June 2010 –  Following a deferred AGM due to the Hotel double booking the AGM was held on 26 June following that meeting the management committee met. Officers elected, President Dennis Norton, President Elect Denis Glasby, Chairman Dennis Webster, Vice Chairman Chris Smith, Secretary Dave Whittaker, Treasurer Dave Whittaker, Minutes Secretary & Publicity Barry Mills, Web Controller Ghalib Al-Nasser, CBS Liaison Officer - Vacant. The awards panel would consist of the Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary & Minutes Secretary. Following a successful meeting with COM in January it was agreed to continue negotiations with the IOA regarding the formation of COM UK. Agreed that the NCA would campaign for an amendment to the General Licence to allow EU exhibitors to exhibit birds in the UK.

Meeting 25 August 2010 –   The meeting were saddened by the news that Barry Mills was to resign his positions within the NCA. The following officers were elected to fill the vacancies Publicity Officer Ghalib Al-Nasser, Minute Secretary Chris Smith, EIG Representative Gordon Grist, CBS Liaison Officer Ghalib Al-Nasser.  The meeting was advised that the Chairman Dennis Webster, Vice Chairman Chris Smith and Secretary Dave Whittaker had attended a meeting with IOA officials at the BS offices. The meeting had been a difficult one with a lot of negatives coming from the IOA attendees, Alan Robinson, Richard Lumley and Brian Preedy.

Meeting 27 September 2010 – Agreement on a Disciplinary Procedure, and amendment to the NCA Constitution to be placed before the AGM in 2011. Barry Mills name was added to the Roll of Honour for his services to Aviculture. 87 clubs had taken up the insurance scheme plus 44 clubs affiliating.

Meeting 10 November 2010 – Meeting disappointed at a letter received from the IOA had advised that the cost of transporting birds to the World Show would be 32 per bird to NCA members plus the 12 compulsory catalogue. It was agreed that we would lobby COM to enter our birds independently at a cost of 10 per exhibit plus the 12 catalogue. Ghalib Al-Nasser agrred to act as conveyor. DEFRA confirmed that the 28 Day Rule on Overseas Exhibitors had been lifted and removed from the new General Licence.

Meeting 23 March 2011 – Chairman advised that an NCA team had been entered at the World Show with 37 entries taking 3 medals in the Budgerigar Section – Sadly at lifting time some birds went missing including the Gold Medal winner. Dennis Webster, Dave Whittaker, Chris Smith and Andrew Triolo attended a meeting in Tours (France) with officers from the IOA who had agreed in principal to the joint formation of COM UK. COM subject to approval at their AGM. NCA to attend the Woking 2011 event being staged by the Budgerigar Society.  

Dave Whittaker
22 April 2011

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NCA Annual General Meeting
26th June, 2010 at Charnwood Arms, Coalville, Leicestershire.

Present: Dennis Webster (Chairman, ZFS, FBF), Dennis Norton (President, CC & LM), Mrs.Norton (M.A.CBS), Barry Mills (CC & LM), Chris Smith (CC & LM), Andrew Triolo (CC), Terry Salt (CC), Denis Glasby (LM), Dave Whittaker (Secretary/Treasurer, BS), Roger Carr (BS), Ghalib Al-Nasser (BS), Gordon Grist (BS).

1.Chairman’s Welcome: Dennis Webster opened the meeting at 10.40am and welcomed all those present. He apologised for the postponement of the AGM which was due to the previous venue being double-booked.

2.Apologies: Mrs Hilary Flint (South Notts CBS) M.Flint (Ollerton & Bevercotes CBS), , Dave Paine (FBF/ZFS/Gainsboro CBS), S.& T. Wright (Preston & District AS) Mrs.Delia Smith (LM).  [The Chairman read out Mrs Delia Smith’s letter which complimented the NCA on the high quality of the ‘Welcome to Birdkeeping’ booklet].

3.Minutes of the previous AGM of 18th April, 2009: Having been previously distributed to members these were passed as a true record by those present on a proposal by Ghalib Al-Nasser, seconded by Barry Mills.

4.Matters Arising: There were no matters arising.

5.Chairman’s Report: Dennis Webster spoke to  his 2nd   written report as Chairman which was distributed to all present and which included the following points:.

         The ‘Welcome to Birdkeeping’ booklet has been very favourably received by the fancy and the public. Printed supplies are available for free distribution to members and to the public. A version can also be downloaded free from the NCA website.

         The new exhibition stand made its debut at the Stafford Spring Show and will be at the National Bird Show of the Year in October.

         NCA contribution continues to the work of the Animal Welfare Strategy Group though progress is currently limited by the change in government and uncertain future of DEFRA.

         NCA Insurance scheme remains popular with affiliated clubs who recognise good value for money.

         The Management Committee is recommending today a number of amendments to the 2007 constitution in response to requests from affiliated clubs and in the light of experience.

         The NCA is affiliated to the Confederation Orthanologique Mondiale (COM). Some of the Management Committee met with the IOA and COM at the World Show in January. The next step is a meeting with the IOA to discuss forming a federation.

         The NCA website continues to develop under Ghalib Al-Nasser’s management. It includes reports of all management meetings.

         Additions to the Hall of Fame were Ian Hinze and George Coe. Additions to the Roll of Honour were Bill and Alan Taylor, long-term editors of the ZFS Magazine, and Don and Irene Bargett, well-known Foreign Bird Exhibitors.

         The British Bird Council has suspended affiliation for the current year but it is hoped they will return as one of the four “Parent Bodies” soon.

         The Chairman expressed his personal thanks to the Management Committee for their hard work over the past year.

6. Treasurer’s Report: George Booth (BS) was Treasurer until 31st December,2009 and he submitted a written report detailing the NCA’s sound financial situation, its income and expenditure over the year.

         Major items of expenditure were the ‘Welcome to Birdkeeping’ booklet and the exhibition stand which represent investment in the NCA’s contribution to the hobby.

         Income continued to rise from affiliation subscriptions and the insurance scheme.

         Modest interest earned on all accounts reflects the national picture. 

The report was adopted unanimously on a proposal by Dennis Norton, seconded by Andrew Triolo. A vote of thanks to the outgoing Treasurer, George Booth, was proposed by Dennis Norton and seconded by Barry Mills. All in favour.

Following George Booth’s retirement from the post, the Secretary, Dave Whittaker, has assumed the role of Treasurer and will update the Management Committee on the financial situation at its next meeting in August.

7. Secretary’s Report: Dave Whittaker presented a written report to the meeting which contained the following points:

         Since the 2009 AGM there have been 6 Management Committee meetings looking at aspects of aviculture in UK and Europe.

         79 clubs have taken up the public liability insurance scheme and 42 clubs have affiliated.

         2009 Officers were: President Dennis Norton, Chairman Dennis Webster, Vice-Chairman Andrew Triolo, Secretary Dave Whittaker, Treasurer George Booth, Minutes Secretary & Publicity Officer Barry Mills, Web Controller Ghalib Al-Nasser, CBS Liaison Officer Steve Nesbitt. Awards Panel: Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary & Minutes Secretary.

         A website link to the parent bodies’ judges lists was agreed.

         Production of Bird Welfare Sheets, ‘Welcome to Birdkeeping’ booklet and purchase of new display stand.

         Additions made to Roll of Honour and Hall of Fame (see website).

         COM membership approved from 1st January 2010 for one year after which we will be required to form a federation with the IOA.

         Constitution amendments in line with decisions made at the AGM 2009 approved for recommendation to AGM 2010.

         Treasurer George Booth & CBS Liaison Officer stood down from their elected positions in December 2009.

         NCA contributions to the Bird Welfare Strategy Group are “Bird Welfare Guidelines (for UK Birdkeepers) and care sheets (both available on NCA website).

         There are other on-going issues which once concluded should bring greater harmony within the fancy.

The Chairman thanked Dave Whittaker on behalf of the whole Council for his work for the NCA both as Secretary and now as Treasurer. This was particularly appreciated at a time when Dave had not enjoyed the best of health.

8.Election of President: Dennis Norton declared himself willing to serve as President for another year. On a proposal by Dave Whittaker, seconded by Andrew Triolo it was agreed unanimously that Dennis Norton be elected for 2010 and that Denis Glasby (Life Member and former CC delegate)   be President elect for 2011.

9. Honorary Life Vice Presidents: No nominations were received.

10. Management Committee 2010:

Budgerigar Society representatives: Dave Whittaker, Roger Carr, Ghalib Al=Nasser, Gordon Grist (reserves: Alex Woan, Maurice Roberts).

Canary Council representatives: Barry Mills, Chris Smith, Andrew Triolo, Terry Salt. (reserves: David Allen, Len Thompson).

Foreign Bird Federation representatives: Dennis Webster, David Paine, Peter Collins.

11.Election of Auditor: Grant Findlay was duly elected unanimously on a proposal by Barry Mills, seconded by Andrew Triolo. The Chairman thanked Grant Findlay on behalf of the NCA for his excellent service   in the past and for  his continued help in the coming year.

12.Subscription Rates: On a proposal by Andrew Triolo, seconded by Terry Salt it was unanimously agreed that subscription rates remain as now for a further year. Dave Whittaker requested that future subscription rates be an agenda item for the Management Committee meeting in August.

13.Recommendations from the Management Committee:

A number of amendments to the constitution resulting from decisions made at the previous AGM were discussed and approved unanimously on a proposal by Ghalib Al=Nasser, seconded by Barry Mills:

i.          To item 3(i) regarding membership the following sentence was added: In the event of any of the above named organisations being unable to fulfil their obligations they can be replaced by a like-minded umbrella organisation representing in broad principle the objectives of that parent body subject to the payment of the appropriate fee.

ii.        To item 7(i) Now reads:  Parent Organisations 4 votes each. The parent body votes to be allocated so that each of the four members representing the parent body has 1 vote.

iii.       To item 11(ix) Now reads: To consider any resolution submitted to the secretary prior to the 31st December in the year preceding the meeting by the Management Committee, a Parent Organisation or two or more Affiliated Cage Bird Societies. Such resolutions to be circulated to the membership by the 7th January in the year of the meeting. Amendments to the resolutions will be accepted provided they are submitted in accordance with the first sentence of rule 11(ix) and are received prior to the 31st January in the year of the meeting.

iv.       To item 12(v) Now reads: An EGM will only be valid if each Parent Organisation or Affiliated Cage Bird Society requesting the meeting is represented. In the event of Parent Organisations requesting a meeting they will need to be represented by four members from each organisation requesting the meeting. In the event of   Affiliated Cage Bird Societies requesting a meeting they will need to be represented by one member from each society requesting the meeting. Duplicate representation by members of Affiliated Cage Bird Societies will not be permitted.

v.         To Item 12(vi) Now reads:  A Quorum at an EGM shall be a minimum of 30 voting members of the NCA.

14. Any other Business notified to the Secretary at least 14 days before the meeting:

i. The Secretary had secured assurance from Knights solicitors that our postponed AGM date and the business conducted on it remain lawful since the postponement was due to circumstances beyond our control.

15. Date and Venue of next AGM: Saturday 2nd April, 2011 at the Charnwood Arms Hotel, Coalville, Leicestershire LE67 1TB

Ghalib Al-Nasser proposed a vote of thanks to the Chairman for conducting the meeting and the Chairman formally closed the 2010 AGM at 11.55am.

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NCA Annual General Meeting 18th April, 2009
at Fieldhead Hotel, Markfield, Leicestershire.

Present: Dennis Webster (Chairman, ZFS/FBF), Dennis Norton (President, CC & LM), Mrs. Norton (M.A.CBS), Barry Mills (CC & LM), Chris Smith (CC & LM), Andrew Triolo (CC), George Booth (Treasurer, BS), Ghalib Al-Nasser (BS), Alex Woan (BS), Gwyn W. Jones (BBC), Bob Clarke (FBF), Bob Storey (FBF), Steve Nesbitt (FBF & Grantham CBS), G. Brunt & Tim Ward (Shrewsbury CBS), Mrs Hilary Flint (South Notts CBS), M. Flint (Ollerton & Bevercotes CBS).

1.Chairman’s Welcome: Dennis Webster opened proceedings at 10.35am and welcomed all those in attendance. There were written reports available for all present from the Chairman and Treasurer but late arrival of the Secretary’s report   prevented individual copies being available and so that report would be read out at the appropriate time.

2.Apologies: Dave Whittaker (BS), Dave Paine (Gainsborough CBS/ZFS/FBF), Delia Smith (LM), Roger Carr (BS), Bernard Williams (BBC), Craig & Julie Walker (BBC), John Wright (Preston & District AS).

3. Minutes of AGM 26th April, 2008: Accepted as a true record on a proposal by Ghalib, seconded by Dennis Norton.

4. Matters arising: There were no matters arising from the AGM itself, however, Ghalib asked whether item iv of the informal discussion following the AGM had been addressed i.e. that thought be given to making attendance at the AGM worthwhile. The Chairman thought the agenda would provide that but also offered a similar opportunity for informal discussion after the AGM if requested or required.

5. Chairman’s Report: Dennis Webster spoke to his written report (attached), which included the following points:

         Thanks to all those who have worked so hard for the NCA and the hobby over the past year.

         Particular thanks to Barry and Andrew for their work on the Avian Welfare Strategy Committee

         NCA responsible for two sections of the Avian Welfare Strategy: Exhibition Birds and the Foreign & Native species. Dennis & Barry to attend next meeting of Strategy Committee on 20th May in Coventry.

         History of the NCA is being researched and we now know it was founded on 8th March, 1945.

         The Insurance scheme is proving popular and is providing excellent and cheap cover to members whilst raising funds for the NCA and parent bodies.

         Reports of all NCA meetings are published in Cage & Aviary Birds and on the NCA website, the BS website and ZFS website. The Canary Council website will also carry NCA reports.

         NCA Website is expanding and may also be used by affiliated societies to promote their own clubs.

         The Breeder of the Year competition applies to all four sections (British, Foreign, Budgerigar and Canary) and can be entered at all shows of affiliated CBSs. Only the canary section qualified this year and we must promote this competition further in future. All affiliated societies and their shows to be advertised on the website.

         NCA is exploring affiliation to COM in order to seek mutual support for our hobby in Europe and beyond.

         SUN membership keeps us in touch with government regulations and we thank Bob Clarke for representing us at their recent meeting in Bristol.

6. Treasurer’s Report: George Booth presented written copies of his report and an audited Financial Statement (attached).

         In short there was an excess of income over expenditure during 2008 of 543.54.

         The demise of two former NCA signatories (Percy Jacobs & Victor Carr) had caused immense difficulties in securing access to one of our large investment funds with the Halifax Building Society. Thanks largely to the efforts of Charles Woolley (the one remaining signatory) and the family of Victor Carr this situation has now been resolved.

         The severe drop in interest rates has reduced our income from our various accounts and this seems likely to remain so for some time.

         On a request from Ghalib, the Treasurer agreed to show in future financial statements separate entries for society affiliations, Parent Body subscriptions and insurance income. He also agreed to show comparative figures from the previous year’s accounts.

On a proposal from Ghalib, seconded by Andrew, the Financial Statement was accepted unanimously. The Chairman extended a vote of thanks to George Booth and our auditor, Grant Findlay, for their care and effort in managing and presenting the accounts.

7. Secretary’s Report: In the absence of sufficient copies of the Secretary’s written report (attached) for all present, the Chairman read the report to the meeting.

         76 clubs were now making use of the insurance scheme.

         There had been 5 Management Committee meetings throughout the past year and the Secretary’s report summarised them all.

         An accommodation had not yet been reached with the IOA but it was hoped that the situation could be resolved amicably in the months ahead.

8. Election of the President: On a proposal by George Booth, seconded by Hilary Flint, Dennis Norton was re-elected unanimously as President of the NCA. Dennis graciously accepted the office on the understanding that this would be his last year. After a lifetime serving the hobby in many different capacities, he is looking forward to relaxing a little when this year of office is completed.

9. Honorary Life Vice Presidents: Currently these are: Brian Hughes, Dennis Norton, Charles Woolley and Sean Fitzpatrick.

Dennis Norton proposed and George Booth seconded that Ghalib Al-Nasser be awarded this honour. Ghalib thanked them for their proposal but graciously declined for the present.

10.Names of Management Committee for 2009/10:

         British Bird Council: Gwynn W. Jones, Bernard Williams, Craig & Julie Walker.

         Budgerigar Society: Ghalib Al-Nasser, Dave Whittaker, George Booth, Roger Carr. (Reserve: Alex Woan).

         Canary Council: Barry Mills, Chris Smith, Andrew Triolo, Dennis Norton (Reserve: Colin Egner).

         Foreign Bird Federation: Bob Clarke, Bob Storey, Steve Nesbitt, Dave Paine, (reserves: Bryan Reed, Clive Cotton).     While Dennis Webster is Chairman, the FBF is entitled to an additional delegate.

11. Election of Auditor: On a proposal from Ghalib, seconded by Alex Woan, it was unanimously agreed to invite Grant Findlay to serve again as auditor.

12. Rate of Subscriptions: At present these are:

         200 p.a. for each parent body

         25 p.a. affiliation for CBSs

         40 p.a. for affiliated clubs to purchase insurance scheme.

         45 p.a. for member clubs of parent bodies to purchase insurance scheme

13.Resolutions: Three resolutions had been received from the FBF. The Chairman explained that the first resolution would require a change in the constitution and therefore required a two-thirds majority to be adopted. The other two required a simple majority.

1. The first resolution concerning the quorum for an EGM be the same as for an AGM was defeated on a vote of 4 in favour and 5 against.

(On a proposal by Andrew Triolo, seconded by Ghalib, it was agreed unanimously that this be referred to the Management Committee for reconsideration of the quorum requirement).

2. The second resolution was passed on a vote of 14 for and none against. The Management Committee was requested to look again at the arrangements for resolutions for AGMs and devise a framework that allowed for resolutions to be considered and amendments made before the AGM.

3. The third resolution that the third management meeting of the year be a general meeting was defeated on a vote of 3 in favour and 9 against.

14. Matters referred to the AGM by the Management Committee: None.

15. Any other relevant business notified to the Secretary at least 14 days before the meeting:


16.Next AGM will be at 10.30am on 24th April, 2010 at the Fieldhead Hotel. Proposed Andrew Triolo, seconded by Bob Storey, all in favour.

17. Announcements:

    Gwynn Jones informed the meeting that the BBC would be considering its position in the NCA at its AGM since in the past year it had lost about half of its member clubs and had therefore fewer delegates to attend meetings and reduced income to meet commitments.

The meeting sympathised with the BBC’s situation and hoped its circumstances would improve in the coming months but felt it was in the BBC’s and the hobby’s best interests if the BBC maintained its national profile and influence as a leading member of the NCA.

18. Presentation: The President, Dennis Norton, presented Tim Ward of Shrewsbury CBS with The Canary Breeder of the Year trophy (an inscribed crystal bowl).

There being no other business, the Chairman closed the AGM at 12.15pm. A vote of thanks was proposed by Ghalib Al-Nasser to the Chairman for his efficient chairing of the meeting.

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