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Application for Club Affiliation & Public Liability Insurance Cover

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1.        The Hall of Fame is reserved for the posthumous recognition of services to aviculture.

2.        The Roll of Honour  marks the achievements of living aviculturists.

3.      Nominations for the Hall of Fame and the Roll of Honour must be made in writing to the NCA Awards Panel, formally proposed and seconded, preferably by officials of a recognised avicultural organisation on their headed notepaper, stating in no more than 150  words  the  case  for an award to be made.

4.        Nominees are expected to have distinguished themselves in one or more of the following ways:

  • For outstanding contribution to the world of aviculture through inspiration and example

  • For long and outstanding service as an official or judge at club, national or international level

  • For the successful breeding of new, rare or difficult species

  • For outstanding success on the show bench throughout a season or over a number of years

  • For work to save endangered bird species and/or their environment

  • For work to widen our understanding of birds and their welfare e.g. academic research / veterinary treatments etc.

  • For the making of an innovative product that contributes significantly to the advancement of bird keeping

  • For educating, informing or entertaining bird keepers  and the wider public on any and all aspects of bird keeping.

5.        All nominations to be submitted to the Awards Panel who will consider applications and    make  recommendations to the full NCA Management Committee.

6.        Diplomas will be issued by the NCA for presentation by the organisations who submitted the nominations at their A.G.M.s or directly by the NCA on special occasions.

7.        The names of all successful nominees to be published on the NCA website and  in Cage Birds Magazine.

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NCA Long Service Badges

The Long Service Award is for any member of any association affiliated to the NCA who is nominated by his or her club as a bone fide member who has served that club for 15 years (a Bronze Badge), 20 years (a Silver Badge) or 25 years (a Golden Badge).

Club Secretaries should apply to the NCA  Awards Panel   giving the names of members who qualify and which badge they require. The NCA will provide badges free to all its affiliated societies.

In welcoming the launch of this new award scheme NCA Chairman, Sean Fitzpatrick, said : "We hope very much that those long-serving members of bird clubs throughout the country who form the backbone of our wonderful hobby and yet who rarely get the chance to celebrate their vital contribution to it, will take up this opportunity to mark their achievement and will wear their badges with pride."

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Established to commemorate great bird keepers of the past whose contribution to aviculture ought not to be forgotten.

Ivor Alberry

Sid Alderson
Yorkshire Canary Judge and YCC Chairman for many years.

Dr M.D.S. Armour

Dennis Avon
Described as the best cage bird photographer of our time, who devised the most welfare friendly method of photographing bird yet created.
Dennis took over 15,000 slides of the most common cage birds and their variations, and his library is the most comprehensive available.

Brian Binns
Life-long promoter of the Zebra Finch in the UK and South Africa

E. J. Boosey

John Broadbent

Harry Bryan.
Credited with producing the modern budgerigar we know today.

Percy Carr

Victor Carr.
NCA President recognised for his work for the NCA and the British Bird Council.

Jack Cooper

Gerry Corrigan

J. Cluderay
Leading Yorkshire Canary fancier in 2nd half of the 20th Century.

Duke of Bedford

Arthur Burton

D. W. Dawson

Gerald Durrell.
Zookeeper and outstanding Aviculturist.

Jimmy Fitzpatrick

Jack G. Freshney

S. R. Golding
Creator of the modern Yorkshire Canary model.

Percy Greenfield

Norman Hallsworth

Henry Harris

Stanley Hodgson

T. Hosier

Danny Hourihan

Jimmy Houston

W. H. Hunter

Percy Jacobs
Founder member of NCA, Canary Council, Fife Federation and life-time member of Grantham CBS. Overseer of canary  sections at National Exhibition.

M. P. James

Billy Kelly

Mr & Mrs I Kerr

Ernie Lewis

Walter Lewis.
British Bird Breeder and outstanding Author.

Walter Lumsden.
Fife Fancy Canary Breeder.

George Lynch.
All round bird keeper and writer.

Jack Mason

John Mollindinia.
Stalwart of the Budgerigar Society, and Parrot Society.

Billy Nelson

Ron. Oxley.
Former Assistant Editor of Cage & Aviary Birds, and Foreign Bird Breeder.

Grosvenor D. Ridgeway

Cyril Rogers.
Founding member & former secretary of the Budgerigar Society, a prolific author & Budgerigar and Zebra Finch breeder.

Frank Savage

George Stephenson

John Stoodley.
Noted Parrot Breeder and Author.

Bill Tennant

Graham Tulk

I.A. West

Percy Winfieldale.
One of the first Yorkshire Canary Breeders.

Dereck Oldkow
Renowned British Bird Breeder.

Peggy Winser.
Norwich Canary Breeder
For many years a stalwart of the National Exhibition.

Albert Wright

Fred Wright
Known for his Norwich Canaries

Albert Wyatt

David Hall

Jack Prior
Past secretary of the NCA and Zebra Finch Society

Ian Hinze
Well known U.K. expert and writer on Waxbills.

George Coe
For his lifetime of service to aviculture in the Foreign section at national, regional and local levels.

Bill Taylor
For services over the past half century to the Zebra Finch Society and Fancy.

Alan Dunford
For services to the Zebra Finch Society and National Bengalese Fanciers Association over several decades

Ted Hounslow.
Forefront of Zebra Finch and Bengalese Finch Breeding, long-standing Judge for all bird types.

Edwin Henshall (2007) (Yorkshire Canaries)
COM Judge, former President and Life Member of the Yorkshire Canary Club, Former President and Chairman of the Lancashire YCC.

Don Bardgett (2011)
Outstanding services to the Foreign Bird section over many years

Fred Rix (Crested Canaries) (2012)

Raymond Sawyer (2012)
For his work in Aviculture

Stewart Pyper (2012)
Longstanding member of the Avicultural Society who worked tirelessly for the society as well as for the Foreign Bird League as past Editor.

Roy Fox (2014)
Founder & Life Member & President of Southern England Fife Club and instrumental in setting up the Fife Fancy Federation in 1984

Brian Byles (2014).
Former Cage & Aviary Birds Editor and Budgerigar Breeder.

 Mick Watton (2015)
A canary man of vision, innovative and creator of the " Warwick Canary"

George Booth (2015)
Past president, chairman & editor of The Budgerigar Society who devoted most of his years working for the budgie fancy

Jimmy Rutter (2015)
One of the greats, breeder and exhibitor, in the British Bird Fancy

Barrie Terry (2015)
Former chairman of the London Inter Club and chairman of Maidstone AS for 35 years

Dennis Brown (2015)
Past President and Club Show Director of The Budgerigar Society and past President, Chairman & Patronage Secretary of the South Midlands BS who devoted most of his years working for the budgie fancy

Ernie Gallimore (2016)
Successful Foreign Bird Fancy exhibitor. Member of FBL over 50 years and YFBS over 30 years and many other societies.

Chris Allaway (2016)
A well known respected Foreign Bird breeder, exhibitor, judge and administrator. Chairman of the Norfolk FBA and North Walsham AS.

Roy Stringer (2016)
Former features editor of Cage & Aviary Birds and long time contributor to the title

Charles Woolley (2017)
LVP and former Chairman of NCA, Canary Council Secretary and Treasurer, CCBA officer.

Brian Hogg (2019)
 Long established and well respected Canary breeder and international judge in the Old Variety Canaries who promoted the variety at local and national level. Past chairman of the Canary Council and current chairman of the Lancashire Canary Club and few local clubs and regular exhibitor at the World Show where he achieved Gold medal wins in the past.

George Lewsey (2019)
Well known exhibitor and worker for the Fancy. In particular for services to the National Bengalese Fanciers Association and Zebra Finch Society over more than 30 years

Denis Glasby (2020) (Yorkshire Canaries)
Honorary Life Vice President of the NCA and Yorkshire Canary Club; Former Chairman of the Canary Council and YCC, Life Member of the YCC and YCC Open Show Winner.
A leading light and Gentleman of the Fancy.

Val Ward (2020)
Long serving member of the National Bengalese Fanciers Association where Val was President

Dennis Norton (2020)
President of NCA, Founder member of Canary Council, holder of many positions in the Border Canary fancy.

John Ward (2021)
Long serving member and Chairman of the National Bengalese Fanciers Association

Alan Taylor (2022)
For services over the past half century to the Zebra Finch Society and Fancy.


To recognise the outstanding achievements of living bird keepers.

Ray Ackroyd (Conservationist)

James Dalrymple (Annan CBS)

Sid Goacher (Yorkshire Canaries)
Life Member and former President of the Yorkshire Canary Club; YCC Open Show Winner and leading exponent of the “sideways on” staging of exhibition Yorkshire Canaries.

Mrs Percy Jacobs
Lifetime work for the NCA, Canary Council, Fife Federation and Grantham CBS.

Mr & Mrs Irving Kerr  (Annan CBS)

Mr. L.A.S. Manchester  (Grantham CBS)

Mrs. Gwen O'Bray
Secretary for Sheppey CBS & Kent Federation of CBSs for many years.

Maurice O'Connor (Irish Fancy)

Ken Rix (Crested Canaries)

John Scott
Former President of the Canary Council and founder member of the Canary Council and Lizard Canary Association.

Irene Bardgett
Outstanding services to the Foreign Bird section over many years

Reuben B Girling (2011)
Complier of the FBF Breeding Register 1992

Barry Mills (2011)
For services to the Yorkshire Canary Fancy, Chairman of the Canary Council and his work for the National Council for Aviculture.

Roger Carr (2011)
For outstanding contribution to the Budgerigar Society over 31 years. Past President & Chairman of the Budgerigar Society and his work for the National Council for Aviculture and local Cage Bird Societies.

Jim Addison (2012)
For his long service and contribution to the Zebra Finch Society and the Scottish & Northern Counties ZFS

Don Hunter (2012)
For his long services and contribution to the Foreign Bird Association and local clubs in Sussex

Ghalib Al-Nasser (2013)
For his long service and contribution to the Budgerigar Society over 24 years and past President of the Budgerigar Society and the National Council for Aviculture and in the formation of COM-UK, in promotion of bird keeping and exhibiting in the U.K.

Chris Smith (2013)
For his long service and contribution to the Canary Council, The Fife Fancy Federation as secretary for 20 years and the National Council for Aviculture and in the formation of COM-UK in the promotion of birdkeeping and exhibiting in the UK.

Phil Warne (2013)
For his long service and contribution to the Border Convention and for producing the Border Ideal Model

Ray Morgan (2013)
For his long services and contribution to the Welsh Border Fancy CC, Border Convention and local clubs in Wales

Jill Lewsey (2014)
With her late husband George, well known exhibitors and workers for the Fancy. In particular for services to the National Bengalese Fanciers Association and Zebra Finch Society over more than 30 years

David Coombes, Keith Jones and Les Rance (2015)
Organisers of the Parrot Society successful National Exhibition

Colin O’Hara (2016)
A well known and respected aviculturist and Past Chairman of the Parrot Society

Bryan Reed (2016)
A long serving member of the Foreign Bird League for nearly 60 years and its current Secretary since 2002

 Dave Ross (2016)
Current President & Past Secretary of the Lizard Canary Association

 Dennis Webster (2016)
Long established and well respected Zebra Finch and Bengalese fancier and judge. Past chairman and president of the Zebra Finch Society, current acting secretary and treasurer of the National Bengalese Fanciers Association and also past chairman and president of the NCA.

David Paine (2018)
Long established and well respected Zebra Finch fancier and judge, current Vice Chairman & Patronage Secretary of the Zebra Finch Society and a long established representative of the Foreign Bird Federation on the NCA

Robert Reid (2018)
Long serving member of over 60 years and Honorary President of Irvine & District CBS. Well respected fancier and International Border Canary Judge

Ron Palfreyman (2018)
Long established and well respected Border Canary fancier and judge over many years. His long time in the hobby over 80 years made him one the most well known and respected fanciers from Wales. Worked tirelessly for the Border fancy and founder member of the West Wales Border FCC.

Rosemary Low (2018)
 Prolific author and authority on parrots and parrot-like birds. Tireless campaigner and conservationist for parrot species throughout the world.

 David Allen (2018)
Founder member of the Blue Lizard Canary Club and Secretary of the Lizard Canary Association. An active fancier in prompting the Lizard breed and regular contributor to Cage & Aviary Birds with articles about the Lizard Canary. A tireless worker for the National Exhibition in promoting the Lizard Canary.

 Sandy Innes (2018)
 Past Secretary of the Scottish Lizard Canary Association and Chairman of the Scots Fancy Specialist Club and regular exhibitor in both Scotland and the North East.

 Geoff Gradwell (2018)
 Kept and exhibited Foreign Birds for 56 years and very successful at both the British & Scottish Nationals and with his knowledge on Softbills and Nectar Feeders (especially Hummingbirds) was able to find ways to establish birds which were previously impossible to keep. Regular contributor to Cage & Aviary Birds.

Ernie Scothern (2019)
For his long services and contribution to Hetton and Houghton CBS for the past 45 years holding many offices within the society.

Stan Bolton (2019)
For his long contribution as a breeder and exhibitor to the Canary Fancy spanning over 50 years and in particular to the Lizard Canary. His long involvement in many clubs including the North East Lizard Canary Club as an official over many years.

Kevin McCallum (2019)
An Honorary Life Member of the North East Lizard Canary Club and an active breeder, exhibitor and judge world-wide for different types of canaries. An active official of many clubs and current secretary of The Old Variety Canary Association.

Alan Jordan (2020)
Kept birds for over 40 years starting with Crest Canaries then ventured into Florino Frills and Lizards. Alan is a long established breeder and in a lesser capacity as an exhibitor. He was one of the founder members of the Facebook page/site called “The International Lizard Canary Forum” and has generated over 1000 members during the last 12 months in an attempt to reunite the Lizard fraternity.

Joe Coakley (2020)
Started with his favourite breed the Lizard Canary back in 1972. After years of successful exhibiting Joe joined the LCA panel of judges in the 1980s In 2016 he became Chairman of the East Anglia Lizard Canary Association and helped greatly in the formation of the NELCC itself.

Ron Hill (2020)
A bird man for more than half a century. His main breeds of interest are Red Factor Canaries and Lizards and he has been a dedicated breeder, exhibiter and judge of both. He has loyally supported several local clubs over the years including the NELCC and was until recently the treasurer of the North East Red Canary Association.

Colin Patterson (2020)
A keen fancier for over 50 years and has kept most varieties in that time. His support of local clubs including the NELCC is exemplary whether exhibiting or judging or helping out in any way, particularly in encouraging new starters to the hobby. His generous contribution to the hobby has already been acknowledged by an award from the IOA of which he is justifiably proud.

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The following recipients have been awarded the NCA Life Vice President Badge;

Brian Hughes - LVP & Past Administrator

Dennis Norton receiving his NCA Life Vice President badge at the 2007 AGM.

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Charlie Woolley - LVP & Past Chairman

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 NCA Privacy Policy

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